vacuum pump for Filter station duty

Systems vary from mill to mill and thus it is important to have a clear starting point and evaluate the system conditions, including pipe work, number of fittings, elevation changes and process requirements to ensure that your system operates at its best efficiency with reduced total cost of ownership.

Silver Weibull Centrifugals in South Africa

Kirton Mechanical Equipment is pleased to announce that KME has been appointed, by Silver Weibull Sweden, as the regional agent for South Africa.

Snifter Valves

In researching failure of liquid ring vacuum pumps, operating on Vacuum Pan & Evaporator duties, Kirton Mechanical Equipment have established that at certain times the pumps operate at a very unfavourable duty point, often well within the cavitation zone. 

This is partly due to saturated vapour, at approx 55°C being carried over from the condenser & condensing out within the liquid ring, which is anywhere between 25°C (Winter) & 34°C (Summer) .

"Vent to suction" design

The "vent to suction" feature facilitates the draining of massecuite / magma or seed, that finds its way into the lantern ring within the stuffing box, back to the suction port via 25mm drain pipes.

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