Opra Gas Turbines

Opra Gas Turbines

Opra Turbines manufactures the state-of-the-art packaged 1.8MW - OP16 Gas Turbine Generator set. The turbine has been designed to enable high fuel flexibility, a small footprint and long operating hours between major overhauls. It has a robust, industrial, all radial design and can deliver energy solutions using a variety of fuel sources. An interesting benefit, to users of the OP16 Turbo Gen Set, is the High temperature (573℃) exhaust gas which can be captured and used for process heating purposes.

OPRA Turbine

The OP16 Gas Turbo Genset will therefor serve the interests of end users two fold.

1:- Generating 1.8mw of power to energize plant.

2:- Generating very valuable high temperature exhaust gas which can be used for a myriad of applications. 

Typically, OPRA Turbines are used in the following sectors:

Oil & Gas

  • Recuperation of associated gas; stand-by emergency units; thermal enhanced oil recovery systems, etc.

Waste to Power

  • Combustion of syngas from different types of feedstock’s; combustion of pyrolysis oil from plastic wastes.

Industrial & Commercial

  • Paper mills, Tobacco, Rubber plants, Ceramics, Gypsum, Breweries, etc.;


  • VOC destruction from shuttle tanks; cold ironing application, stand-by emergency units, etc.

The OP16 Gas Turbine Genset is suitable for a large range of fuels with high and low calorific values, as well as liquid fuels. The OP16 is able to be operated on a dual fuel principle where it can do this simultaneously or switch while on full load. These include natural gas, flare gas, propane, LPG, syngas, biogas, industrial waste gas, diesel, pyrolysis oil, ethanol and condensate. It may be that end users have a problematic by-product that can be used as, or converted to, fuel for the Gas turbine. 

The high exhaust gas temperature has thermodynamic value for a number of applications such as heating for boilers, spray dryers, heating kilns, and general drying processes.” 

Please refer to the attached for further details on the OPRA OP16 turbines and the Enerproject range of gas-boosting oil-injected screw compressor sets. 


OPRA Product Brochure

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