Mission Statement

"At Kirton Mechanical Equipment we strive to offer advice and technical service excellence where quality and best value meet."

Since the business began in 1989, we have been dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. We believe that quality and best value are crucial in the work we do, as it adds value to our services compared to our competitors.

We have a holistic approach to operation, maintenance and reconditioning of Pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps. This brings long term savings, due to extended pump life spans, which will far outweigh the short term price advantage that seems to prevail at present in other companies.

We have researched the “on site” performance testing of Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps and offer test kits for end users to carry out their own on site efficiency tests. Test data captured can then processed through our Pump Performance software and a scientific report is then generated.  Computer generated test curves form part of this report and are invaluable in terms of assessing which pumps should be earmarked for overhaul.

We hope that the information provided in this website proves to be helpful to you and we respectfully suggest that you contact us if you wish to further discuss any service needed.

Yours faithfully

John Wrathmall

J.K. Wrathmall
Managing Director

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