Wedge wire stainless steel grates have no equal in craftsmanship, strength, aesthetics, and function. Replace your existing outdated metal grid drain covers and run off trenches with a solution that provides an abundance of benefits.

  1. Screening off of solids and pollutants from run off into drainage trenches.
  2. Elimination of clogging of drains due to build-up of foreign materials.
  3. Reduction in labour / maintenance costs for the periodic lifting of drain / Trench covers in order to clean them out.
  4. Health and Safety - Where there is pedestrian traffic, the wedge wire screens will eliminate the potential for entrapment of ladies high heels, walking sticks and walking frames, hence eliminating potential injury due to falls, which most of the existing grate type drains do not protect against. Civil cases, pursuant to falls of this nature, are also a consideration.
  5. Stainless Steel wedge wire is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, when compared to existing grids and drain covers utilized.

Examples of wedge wire drain covers.

Wedge-Wire-Screen-Panels-on-Run-off-Trench-at-Green-Park-underground-station-in-London      Wedge-Wire-Screen-cover-on-a-drain-at-Green-Park-Underground-station-in-London

Consult KME should you require any further information on our wedge wire products.

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