The "vent to suction" feature facilitates the draining of massecuite / magma or seed, that finds its way into the lantern ring within the stuffing box, back to the suction port via 25mm drain pipes.

Vent to suction designReferring to the image which detail the "vent to suction" design feature on our latest Mascual pumps. These are fitted to both of the stuffing boxes.

The shaft is well supported by two quick release Dodge Plummer Block bearings which facilitate quick and easy access to the side covers and internals of the pump.

The outboard bearing design is far superior to bronze bushing which, as it wears, allows the shaft to drop within the stuffing box. This movement of the shaft tends to compress the packing at the bottom of the stuffing box and in doing so a gap is opened up on top of the shaft which allows massecuite / magma to leak along the shaft to atmosphere. So the outboard bearing design coupled to the draining effect of the stuffing box vent back feature pretty much takes care of messy gland leakage.

Material of construction is Cast Steel with SG iron rotor and EN19 shaft, rotor and sealing arm are fitted with replaceable tips which can be manufactured in the mill workshop.

There is a definite payback period when maintenance costs on the Mascual range of pumps are compared to other makes of pump fitted with bushes and gears. The pump is of 100% local manufacture and plans are in place to have stock units on the shelf in the future.

Take the foregoing into account when considering the purchase of Massecuite, magma or seed pumps in the future.

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